Our Premium Services

Crafting a captivating on-hold messaging experience requires exceptional voice talent, well-crafted scripts, and expert audio mixing. At Audiocom, we understand the impact of these elements on your brand’s perception while callers eagerly await engagement with your business.

We partner with Ireland’s top voiceover talents and dedicated copywriters to create bespoke scripts that capture your brand’s essence, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for your callers.

By choosing Audiocom, you can expect:

  • Access to accomplished voiceover artists
  • Custom scriptwriting that reflects your brand
  • Expert audio mixing for a flawless experience

Elevate your brand and transform your callers’ experience with Audiocom’s premium on-hold messaging services. Trust us to solidify your company’s reputation for quality and professionalism.

Our Plans include

Custom On Hold Messages

Experience professionally produced on-hold messages tailored to engage, entertain, and promote your brand to callers while they wait on hold or during transfers. Our custom on-hold messages elevate the caller experience and present opportunities to cross-sell your products and services, maximizing your business potential.

Simply put, on-hold messages replace silence or generic music with informative and entertaining content, keeping your callers engaged and interested in your brand.

IVR Prompts

Elevate your caller experience with our superior IVR Prompt Recording Service. IVR prompts efficiently guide callers through menu systems, swiftly connecting them to the right department or representative. Our professional recordings guarantee clarity and seamless navigation for a user-friendly customer experience.

Simply put, IVR prompts are voice instructions that assist callers in navigating your phone system, enhancing their efficiency and satisfaction.

Greeting Messages

Make a lasting first impression with our professional auto attendant, out-of-hours, and voicemail greeting services. Audiocom.ie ensures that every interaction with your brand starts on the right note, setting the tone for a positive caller experience and showcasing your commitment to exceptional customer service.

To put it simply, greeting messages are the welcoming voices your callers hear when they reach your business, setting the stage for their overall experience.

Bespoke Audio Projects

Bespoke Audio Projects Audiocom.ie offers expert audio solutions for a variety of applications, including website audio, video narration, e-learning, and more. Our team of skilled voiceover artists and audio engineers will bring your project to life, ensuring the highest quality and professionalism in every recording.

In short, bespoke audio projects encompass a wide range of custom audio solutions for different platforms and purposes, enhancing the auditory experience for your target audience.